Thursday, 5 November 2020

A Poisonous Brew of Malice and Marxism


Hemlock Books Ltd was registered in Brighton, England, UK, on 28 June 2007 in the names of Jane Meikle (Secretary) and Denis Meikle (Publisher). The latter offers his age as seventy-four. He was born in 1947. The image shown was taken in April 1994. The image of Jane Meikle was taken circa the same time, or possibly earlier. Hemlock Books Ltd are registered as a private limited company.

The person responsible for the inclusion of a photograph of Seán Manchester on page 70 of the first printing of Matthew Coniam's Dracula AD 1931 without the consent of the lawful copyright holder is Jane Meikle. No compensation was offered. Instead an assurance was given that the stolen item will not appear in future printings of the book, as requested bySeán Manchester who would later add:

"The image of me alongside Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster, at a religious occasion in Westminster Cathedral can be found in the top right-hand corner of page 64, being very slightly obscured by the top of Bela Lugosi's head, which, by way of composite, hides my cassock. Further down the same page are found images of the front cover of David Farrant's sparsely paginated, stapled together, pamphlet, Beyond the Highgate Vampire, plus the front cover of the second edition, revised and enlarged, of The Highgate Vampire in hardback with dust jacket. It seems bizarre to remove the image of me on one page whilst keeping a second image of me on another. Needless to say, both images are my exclusive copyright and lawful property."

Jane Meikle would respond one final time:

"We have already stated that we have removed the image of yourself on p70 of Dracula AD1931, and a substitute page is already with the printer. The photo on p64 to which you refer is part of the reproduction of a page from a 22-year-old commercial periodical; as such, we will be making no payment to you for its use. Nor (for the last time) will we be replying to any further emails on this matter. All future response will now be blocked on our servers."

Seán Manchester had asked for the removal of all reference to himself, or, at least, the inclusion of some balancing material. Jane Meikle did not agree to this, saying that any dispute over the text should be taken up with the book's author, Matthew Coniam, who based his Highgate content, albeit a mere three pages of Dracula AD 1931, on Jacqueline Simpson's biased and factually innaccurate Wikipedia entry that repeats the conjecture of American author Bill Ellis. In 1992, he visited David Farrant in England, and was supplied by Farrant with cuttings and material slanted to benefit Farrant. Ellis did not speak to Seán Manchester, but possessed his book. He was a colleague of Simpson, and member of her UK based Folklore Society. In turn, Jacqueline Simpson of Worthing, Sussex, was actively supportive of Farrant whose meetings, not least his symposium in July 2015, she attended as a major contributor and guest speaker. Simpson was also well acquainted with someone who, to all intents and purposes, did not exist (online) prior to 2010, employs various nomenclatures, most recently "Della Farrant," and has made a ten-year career out of defaming Seán Manchester. Like the others, she has never met him, is drawn to the dark arts, and has strong connections to Satanists; for example, the French Luciferian who sacrifices animals in blood rituals on camera, Jean-Paul Bourre. Notwithstanding David Farrant, who, by his own admission believed in nothing ("Firstly, can I just say, as I have said many times before, I do not really 'believe' in anything." - David Farrant, James Randi Forum, 12 April 2007), all the aforementioned hail from the political Left, are atheists, and link to fellow travellers with a history of stalking and maligning Seán Manchester. 

Furthermore, the pulp fiction paperback writer Ramsey Campbell in Shock Xpress Vol 2, published by Titan, an imprint with which Denis Meikle is closely associated, wrote that the (childless) wife of Seán Manchester had given birth to the Antichrist. Titan asked him to apologise, and promised to amend subsequent printings. There were no subsequent printings, and Campbell tried to make light of the grotesque libel in a half hearted excuse of a written apology. "I must of dreamt it," he explained. He would continue his ad hominem attack on Seán Manchester, minus his disgusting and totally unsubstantiated defamation of Mrs Manchester, in Ramsey Campbell, Probably, which he later expanded in subsequent printings with the help of a certain Australian resident, Anthony Hogg, who had been stalking Seán Manchester for a decade and a half. Hogg gets a credit in Campbell's book. Matthew Coniam, too, slipped into bed with Hogg, joining his obnoxious hate group on Facebook and quoting from it on his own timeline. Ramsey Campbell, like Hogg and the rest of them, is unapologetically a Marxist, evincing an agenda of pure malice toward Seán Manchester who represents, as a traditionalist Christian and believer in the supernatural, the antithesis of atheistic communism. Moreover, they are all soft on individuals with a bent toward black magic and Satanism.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Hemlock (Conium aka Coniam)

"Anti-intellectualism has been present in some form and degree in most societies; in one it takes the form of the administering of hemlock." — Richard Hofstadter (1974)

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Chesnuts Falling

Kevin Chesham is sixty-seven years old today, and just how this curious character fits into the puzzle that is the Highgate matter is difficult to fathom. The truth, of course, is that he does not fit in at all.

I was acquainted with him by sheer accident of circumstance, not dissimilar to how I became acquainted with Farrant, but less so. Cheham should never have clung, but he foisted himself onto me, and thereafter insinuated himself into a small number in my circle. They did not take to him any more than I did really, but what does one do when somebody sends you gifts, albeit dubious in nature, and constantly feigns loyalty? My intuition told me early on that he was untrustworthy and devious. I should have listened to it. Yet he was not that important a figure to take any real notice of at the time.

He would appear to be listening attentively, but contribute almost nothing when a group of people were in conversation. Yet when alone with him, or perhaps with just one or two others present, he would talk inappropriately behind people's backs, always with cold detachment. He seemed to take pleasure in what struck me as unkind and frequently cruel behaviour. Perhaps I should have noticed the warning signs much earlier on, but I was seeing next to nothing of him down the years. When his behaviour became more bizarre I sought to excuse it; putting it down to his steroid use and him having had a stroke. That was silly of me, of course, and I ought to have distanced him much sooner.

Chesham has never bought me a book about spirituality or the supernatural, nor did he make a gift of anything vaguely esoteric or occult. It is difficult to imagine why he would do so, as he knew nothing about other worldly matters, showing no interest in such things when I was in contact with him; despite him being aware that I have written about these topics. For example, I presented him and his wife, Beverley Mason, with copies of The Highgate Vampire, The Grail Church and my novel Carmel. They made no comment. I doubt they even read these books. If they did, they showed no interest in their content. Carmel has some reference to Fascism, which he might possibly have resented, as his entire life was spent posing with Third Reich items when not reading about Fascism or listening to Nazi marching songs. The only DVDs he ever gave me were about Hitler, prefaced with "I don't know if you'll be interested in something like this, but I have another copy and don't need this one." 

Why did Kevin Chesham enter into a relationship with Kerry Bolton, the founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path who had been a member of the Temple of Set (a breakaway group with Fascist sentiments that split from the Church of Satan) who at the time was secretary of the New Zealand Fascist Union and in 2004 became the secretary of the New Zealand National Front? Indeed, why did he remain in correspondence with Kerry Bolton after he had returned to the United Kingdom in the latter half of the 1990s, and ignore all my warnings about this man and his Nazi-satanic ideology? The alarm bells should have been deafening at this point, but I had seen it all before with people like John Pope, the same age as Chehsam (born one month prior), and it never amounted to more than farce. 

I started to seriously question why Chesham and his wife, Beverley, began wearing Christian crosses around their necks in 2006 and 2007, at a time when their behaviour toward me was at its most treacherous. He stated all along that he is a Buddhist and has been for forty years. In fact, I have always found him to be exceptionally hostile to Catholicism, as was Farrant, of course, which was something they very much had in common. What was the purpose of him and his wife wearing crosses other than to deceive at a time when they had turned to the darkness, ie the Left-hand Path?

David Farrant, pictured above, alongside Kevin Chesham on a London bus, on 1 October 2008, posted out of the blue the following cryptic message on his blog: "I hear the Ches-nuts are really predicted to fall in force this Autumn. Especially near Basildon. Two of my researchers tell me (well, it won’t hurt to give their Christian names I suppose . . . Kev and Beverly [sic]) that they collected no less than 25 of the premature seeds while ‘Beating around’ in a nearby Lane not that far from the town itself. Small world isn’t it?" "Ches-nuts" referred to Chesham's surname and "Basildon" referred to Chesham's then town of residence with the precise location of his address at that time being contained in the numeral "25," and the words "Beating" and "Lane," ie 25 Beatty Lane, Basildon, Essex. However, Chesham and his wife soon took up residence at a different address elsewhere.

Few people would have recognised the significance of the hidden subtext in Farrant's cryptic comments. No less puzzling were certain noises starting to be made about his alleged knowledge concerning the Highgate Vampire case. Along with the age difference between Chesham and me, and that he was completely unknown to me at the time of the Highgate Cemetery occurrences, should be added the fact that in all the years I had known Kevin Chesham he had never once asked about the Highgate Vampire or indeed any other supernatural case. When he revealed no knowledge of Keith Maclean's part in the case (upon seeing a television documentary in which Keith featured) it became clear to me that Cheham had not even read my book. From that point resentment took over, and it would not be long before this petty individual was seeking out Farrant to offer his depraved services.

When Chesham and his wife, Beverley, in the summer of 2006 attended an old acquaintances reunion at my home it included Keith Maclean as one of a dozen or so guests. Keith would remark four years later in written correspondence to me: "The Devil is always looking over our shoulder, waiting for a chink to appear in our armour. Some do not have adequate protection when the spiritual struggle accelerates. Kevin and Beverley are without a shield."  Thus it would swiftly prove to be the case.

Chesham being shown something by a curiosity known as "Della Farrant" in Highagte Cemetery.

Real Vampires